"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, do not change your goals, but the path of action."

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Prospect Consult is the result of the involvement of three partners in starting on their own a consulting business, twenty years ago, with the desire to be together and help as many entrepreneurs to reach their proposed goals.

We wished and wish to build a successful, long lasting and beneficial relationship for both parties, based on: respect, trust and good communication.

We have a wide experience in the activity of financial-accounting consultancy in various industries and a dynamic and friendly team that provides clients prompt services so that they can make the right decisions at the right time to obtain competitive advantages.

Our team has currently 14 professionals. The key element of our success is the quality of those we work with.
Therefore, we recruit and train or associate with individuals or companies who share our vision on auditing and consulting, valuable people who develop, transmit and implement effective solutions as financial and business consultants.

Our vision regarding consultancy is based on the recognized fact that for our clients is important that we:
  • understand their activity, are close to them and offer them services adapted to their needs
  • understand the problems they face
  • understand the background in which they operate
  • consult with our experts and integrate in the best way our wide experience

Our goal is to understand the client's needs and to meet them.
Therefore, services we offer to our clients are approached in a simple, but efficient way.