FinanciarServicii audit that may be offered:

► financial audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing or other generally accepted auditing standards, the financial statements prepared in accordance with the statutory or other IFRS or accounting standards;
► review of quarterly financial statements;
► compilation of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or other accounting standards (accounting textbooks for reporting to the group);
► compliance audits (mergers and divisions, regulators, etc.).

► Internal Audit;
► courses in IFRS, Statutory Accounting,
► reporting to regulators and third parties;
► services through agreed procedures, etc.Obiectivul financial audit is to verify the financial statements on the basis of evidence made available to the Auditor by the Employer. Depending on the conclusions drawn from audit evidence the auditor’s report may show:

♦ unqualified audit opinion – ideally,
♦ a qualified opinion – If the auditor finds significant deviations financial statements of accounting standards or specific legislation,
♦ unable to express an opinion or
♦ an opinion disagreeing with the financial statements.

If, for any reason auditor is unable to complete the audit or is unable to form an opinion, it shall not issue an audit report, announcing the beneficiary in writing on this. Financial audit is for the auditor a duty of care, not a result.